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What amazing scenery and art style. Can't wait for the release!

Thanks for the kind words.



Just asking to confirm if your gmail account is still operational. As you are one of the GDWC finalists but haven't responded to my message about organizing your trip into the final event here in Finland, I'm getting a bit worried if you'd reached my message at all! And if you haven't, can you please send us a message at leevi(at) so we can get it sorted out? Thanks!

Oh, yeah, and congratulations!

Holy moley. Sorry the email didn't go into my main inbox earlier. I'll get you all the info today. Thanks so much for choosing me as a finalist

Gave it a go...


Cheers man. Thanks for doing the playthough and I'm glad you liked it.

Thank you for a beautiful game keep up the great work 

Thanks for giving it a go. Your idea about making the mushrooms bouncy is intriguing.

Updated demo > new video. Adorable as the first time I played it. When is the KS coming?


Thank you so much for the support, I still have some stuff to sort out before the launch, so maybe early next year.

Seedlings looks lovely, can't wait to spread the word about the campaign. Early 2019 sounds good, avoid the holiday season when people are spending money on loads of other things. :)


Short and sweet. I really want to see with... the captors... :) 


good shit right here mannnn


Oh Man. i love the background and everything inside. its just a story of a seed maybe finding way to somewhere. its like playing samorost but with jungle theme. i like moss terrarium and you just gave this great demo with realistic moss. hope you enjoy watching some of my footage! i stop for a while to enjoy the moss background. great job!!

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Thanks for giving the game a go and thanks for posting the playthough :D

What type of computer are you using? Maybe its just the capture program but it looks like its running at like 2/3 the speed it should be.

i5 2.4Ghz
nvidia 940mx

and bandicam

is it not enough to play this game when its release?

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It should be once the full demo is complete. I have plans to have a 30fps mode as well for slower computers. Right now its set to 60

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Really great demo. I started watching PHI's video on it and as soon as the seed dropped I stopped watching to go and play it myself. Definitely did not disappoint and I'm looking forward to what you do with the concept, especially since I'm currently working on something very similar.

I did manage to stumble on a firing bug (maybe you know about it already) when I forgot I could jump on the 2nd or 3rd screen. Demonstration is here with some additional info.

Hahaha I have never seen that bug before. Thanks for finding it and documenting how you got it. I think i know what i can do to fix it.
Glad you enjoyed the game.  Are you going for the photography style as well for your next game?

Oh glad I could help. And I actually want really simple graphics so I can focus more on mechanics, especially since I want a level editor. But my game has really similar things with a tiny vulnerable player that can control larger things to help them get around, so Seedlings caught my interest right away!


Absolutely fucking amazing. The immersive quality is wonderous, and your art direction is some of the best I've ever seen.  Consider me your first pre-order


Thank you so much for the support. I'm hoping to make a Kickstarter to fund the full game once I complete the demo.