Switching to Godot and bringing in a new team member

So it's been a while since I posted any significant updates here.

As you may of experienced, the current game is riddled with bugs and as someone who isn't really that much of a coder there was a insurmountable amount of coding that still needed to be done. I was trying to bad to be that cool guy who made an awesome game entirely by himself but i feel like keeping that mentality will be my downfall.

So I reached out and now have a developer working with me to make the game. My mate Daniel who is an extremely talented programmer will now be building Seedlings with me, giving me a much bigger focus on the art/design/story and music which I prefer to do and is also the selling feature of the game.

Daniel chose to change the engine to Godot and so far the new game is shaping up to be much smoother and with much better mechanics. All the recent twitter posts and images are taken from the Godot version. That also means there won't be any gamemaker version updates.

But as Daniel also works a full time job, we are looking at around a late April to have a playable version akin to the gamemaker version.

Before so we will need testing done. If you'd like to play early versions, feel free to message me here or on twitter @Seedlings_game . A special thanks for the people who have tested and sent feedback to me over this last year. @HowardGLITCH, John/immortalx. It will still be a few weeks before we have testable builds.

Thanks for all the support so far, in the face of being completely broke and unable to find paying work, it gives me a bit of hope.


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I should probably mention that the Kickstarter is delayed until later this year.